Grand opening

Enter Our World of Luxury Shoes

Journey to a world of extravagant shopping and exhilarating entertainment. Join us as we make you a part of our new brand experience… Grab your passport and Enter our World! At Mercedeh-Shoes, we are proud to announce the opening of our brand new store located in the Golden Square in Monaco.

Follow the shoes for a brand new shopping experience!

Enter our world: an array of beautiful shoes lit by a starry ceiling in a modern but warm decor.

Bright colors, sophisticated shoes and accessories: we have a brand new line of exclusive jewellery to show you.

With its black tiled walls and read leather sofa, take a break and let us pamper you (flute of champagne anyone?) while you try some of the most beautiful shoes in Monaco.


Les Floralies
1 avenue de Grande Bretagne
Tel : 00 377 93 50 57 70

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