Style Tips: Wedges

How to wear wedges – this knowledge could make or break your outfit. Wedge shoes are a great alternative to stilettos, and are an instant outfit updater. It’s also a style of shoe that is becoming increasingly popular. Knowing how to wear wedges stylishly can be as simple as creating a balanced outfit.

1. Wedges & Dresses

Wedge shoes look great with both long and short dresses. When looking at how to wear wedges with dresses, it all really comes down to your personal style. Choose a style of wedge shoe that works best with your wardrobe. This could mean choosing between classic, vintage, contemporary, or directional designs. From left to right jean wedges, lace wedges, and golden ankle strap wedges.

2. Wedges & Skirts


When wearing wedges with skirts, steer clear of anything too form fitting. Wedges can appear quite chunky, and teaming them with a pencil skirt or anything bodycon can give an unflattering and ‘clunky’ appearance. Fuller, flowing or tailored skirts ultimately look better with wedge shoes.

3. Wedges & Jeans or Pants

When it comes to how to wear wedge shoes, jeans are a classic option. However, it’s important to take note of the style of your jeans. Skinny jeans are perfect for showing off your wedges in that case you can go for the sneakers (left gold and black sneakers, right neon orange sneakers), but if you’re wearing bootleg or flared jeans make sure that the hem covers most of the wedge as this will create the most streamlined silhouette. This is what Vitoria Beckham does.


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