Lace up!

LACE UP this season as the sexy fabric is in the forefront of many models.Years ago, lace was incorporated in one of two very different ways in the fashion world. At one end of the spectrum, it could be found in lingerie, and all the way on the other end, it would be seen in diereses socks and gloves for little girls.


Remember who made a sensation at the latest Paris Fashion Week? Kim K. and super cute baby North West in matching outfits, in lace of course. Oh BTW can we make a suggestion for Norie this winter? Look at those adorable boots from Mercedeh-Shoes.

Boots for baby North West, Mercedeh-Shoes FW 2015/2015WOMEN

Well we do have shoes for you Kim as well, this season’s hottest lace pumps are IN.

Lace pumps, Mercedeh-Shoes FW 2014/2015


Lace up styles for women…. from left to right and top to bottom: pumps, combat boots, purse, purple biker boots, black and beige biker boots, and ballet flats.

lace pumps, Fall Mercedeh-Shoes FW 2014/2015


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