Getting ready for spring

Spring quickly approaches, it’s time to get our feet ready and our toes pretty!

Here are a few tips to pamper your feet and get ready for our selection of sandals.


  1. Steps 1 Buff – First you will need a pumice stone. It works best if you have just taken a shower or if you have soaked your feet in warm water for a few minutes first. Using the stone, buff the rough skin on the bottom of your feet in a circular motion. Note:
  2. Step 2 Scrub – When you are in the shower try using a scrub on the top and bottom of your feet. It’s a gentle way to wash away dead skin.
  3. Step 3 Moisturize – Before going to sleep cover your feet in a thick layer of healing ointment (Vaseline, Aquaphor, Bag Balm…). Then put on a pair of cotton socks. When you wake your feet will feel much softer

Now you are rady to add a litttle color to your feet, pick the nailpolish carefully. You can either match the color of your footwear, or use contrasting tones.

Electric blue polish with electric blue sandals.

Tips for applying nailpolish: Use a separator. Paint three strokes on each toenail. Begin at the base of the cuticle and work outward. Start with a strip down the middle and then do one on each side. Give the toes time to dry. Then apply a second coat and finish with a top coat.

Who said you can only use one color? Have fun and mix colors.


Pretty pastels with gold bejeweled sandals. You could also decide to go for a french pedicure or a neutral tone like beige or light pink.

An you what’s your favorite mix?

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